Say goodbye to

weight gain, being stuck on the couch and feeling out of shape


Hi, I’m Nancy!


I realize there are no easy answers or magic wands I can wave to make every hurt go away. 

I specialize in helping you customize a healthier lifestyle to move forward based on your unique body and personal goals.  I will give you the accountability and simple steps you need to build a positive mindset, healthier habits and a sustainable approach to fitness.


I understand where you’ve been and I totally get you…🤕


I get that you didn’t choose your genes. Whether it’s blood sugar, cholesterol, or high blood pressure that’s out of whack.


I know that you don’t recognize the Person in the mirror


I get what it’s like to go to a gym and walk out with pain, or worse because your body needs a different type of workout.

I can help you get around these roadblocks. They will not stop you. I understand where you’ve been and I totally get you. My scars could have made me weaker, but I chose to get stronger.


They will not stop you, because I will give you a plan of action.


What you may have done in the past is for everybody else.


I get that your challenges are legitimate

Here’s why I can help…

I devoted nearly 25 years of my life to lifting folks up to a higher level of being! 😍

I’ve taught everything from kettlebells to hula hoops and everything in between. I competed as a distance runner, triathlete and later a national unicycle competitor.

Along the way I experienced…an injury here, a surgery there, and another injury that turned into Chronic Pain.

I know what it feels like to gain weight and feel out of control.

I understand what it feels like to go to physical therapy for months, and what it’s like to need a second surgery.

It sucks to have to start over. 


Nancy Flip SideBiCurl

I help folks in the following categories, lose weight, build lean muscle, and reverse unhealthy numbers


All ages with significant health challenges


Over the age of 50 as a focus


Those with autoimmune disorders


Those who manage chronic pain

I can help you get around these roadblocks.

They will not stop you.

I understand where you’ve been and I totally get you.

My scars could have made me weaker, but I chose to get stronger.

You can get stronger too.

Sometimes you need a new approach

Together we can create the PERFECT SOLUTION for you…🤕


Setting meaningful goals and taking ownership of your life.


Practicing consistency in your routine to build healthy life habits.


Learning simple strategies to drop weight and keep it off.


Building core strength by "repping it" and using the power of good form.


Streamlining your physique with correct posture, balance, and alignment.


Incorporating therapeutic exercises to reduce pain and stiffness


Let me help you!

I want you to lose weight, get stronger and see you do your “happy dance”😊…. Even though it may be awkward to others watching 😂😂😂

I have the practical, no-nonsense approach you need.

Whatever it is you’re going through….

If you’re not going to let it get the best of you, and I’m speaking to you,
let’s get this journey started! 🥳

Or you can just dip your toes in…

If you know you need to make a change, but still, need to sample the flavors first, you can also pick up my free

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You have waited long enough

I was born in L.A. but moved to PA as a youngster…

Just kidding. I won’t start that far back.

I’m an energizer bunny, a lover, and a hero who is obsessed with self-improvement.   I’ve had more than my share of hard knocks and my motto is “never say never.”

I’m an ACE-certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer with 25 years in the industry.  I specialize in Pilates, balance and strength training, and chronic conditions. My superpower is channeling my energy to help others tap into their own!

I’m a Certified Rossiter Stretching Coach…

The Rossiter System helps people get out of pain quickly and releases tight muscles with connective tissue stretching. I am very passionate about helping people overcome physical or emotional pain – as quickly as possible, whether chronic or acute.

I am a Pilates expert who specializes in balance and strength training, and fitness over 50. I believe Pilates is the key to creating balance and correcting faulty movement patterns. My superpower is channeling my energy to help others tap into their own!

I am a Trauma Sensitive Yoga instructor…

who has a heart for those who are experiencing physical or emotional pain, and need encouragement to live life to the fullest? I love educating, coaching, and empowering you in the pursuit of a happy, healthy life. 

I am a former elite distance runner and unicycle national champion. I live in Pittsburgh with my best friend and husband of 36 years. We are the proud parents of two musically inclined, adult sons. My husband lovingly refers to me as “A box of puppies”. We enjoy motorcycling and traveling out West every year.

“If I can do it, so can you. I understand that harder isn’t smarter. I am one of the most dedicated coaches you will ever meet! I have had to reinvent my own approach to fitness. I fully believe that you can, too. Really.